Fake ChatGPT Chrome Extension Hijacking Facebook Accounts

It has been discovered that a bogus Chrome extension, posing as ChatGPT’s, is equipped with the ability to hijack Facebook accounts and create unauthorized admin accounts. This serves as a reminder that cybercriminals continue to employ various methods to spread malware. In a technical report, researcher Nati Tal from Guardio Continue Reading

Scammers Using ChatGPT to Spread Malware

In a matter of months, ChatGPT has experienced explosive growth, making it the fastest-growing app ever. As expected, scammers have taken advantage of its popularity and are using it to deceive unsuspecting internet users. Experts in cybersecurity have already discovered numerous domains that have been recently registered and include the Continue Reading

AI Chatbots May Not Always Give Accurate Info

Prabhakar Raghavan, Google’s head of search, has cautioned against relying too heavily on AI chatbots for delivering accurate information. In an interview with the German newspaper Welt Am Sonntag, he stated that these types of AI systems can sometimes produce false but convincing answers, which he referred to as “hallucination.” Continue Reading

New Bing AI Refuses to Write Job Cover Letter

The advent of AI-powered chatbots like ChatGPT has sparked discussions about the morality of using such technologies for purposes like job applications and exams. However, Microsoft’s recently launched AI-enhanced Bing search engine appears to incorporate certain safeguards. Microsoft recently announced that it has integrated an AI language model into Bing, Continue Reading

Microsoft’s New Bing and Edge Browser with ChatGPT technology

Microsoft announces its utilization of conversational AI to develop a novel method of web browsing, allowing users to interact with Bing using a ChatGPT-like experience, posing inquiries and receiving answers in a more natural language format. Microsoft has unveiled a renovated version of its search engine, Bing, which will now Continue Reading

Google Invests Nearly $400 Million into Anthropic, ChatGPT’s competitor

Google just invested a ton of money, around $400 million, into a startup called Anthropic. They’re working on a competitor to ChatGPT, which is made by OpenAI. Neither Google nor Anthropic will say anything about the investment, but they did announce that they’re working together. Anthropic will use Google’s cloud Continue Reading