Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Review: Hack and slash for better loot

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance has its shortcomings. But there is still much enjoyment that can be derived from replaying the game and hoping to get better loot. There is so much potential for this genre, and I hope there are further improvements along the way until the next expansion pack is released.

Biomutant Review: Preachy writing spoils great combat and gorgeous open world

I have always been a fan of action role-playing games (RPG), as I still play Diablo III – THE action RPG released in 2012 – till today. So, I was excited when Biomutant was released late last month. Biomutant is an action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans Continue Reading

Apple Arcade launched a huge update of new exclusive games, including Fantasian (by Final Fantasy creator)

Apple has launched its biggest expansion of its Apple Arcade game catalogue to more than 180 games with over 30 new titles. Some of these new exclusive games (called Apple Arcade Originals) include NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition, Star Trek: Legends and Fantasian. In case you haven’t heard, Apple Arcade is Continue Reading